Fantastic Voyage (part 1)

It all began sometime in early 2013, February I believe. At that point in my already charmed life, I had no idea what 2013 would have in store for me. 2013 has probably been the most stressful, wondrous, completely insane year of my life, and if any of you ladies and gents still reading out there in blog land, I would like to tell you about it…

February was a sloppy mess of a month, and not just because of the weather. I had just finished my novel The God Machine and was busy posting all of its chapters on this very blog. I loved seeing people taking the journey with my wizards, but in real life, I was struggling. I worked in the best little health food store where I ran everything. I was able to spend hours of the day writing and reading and doing just about anything I wanted. It was great, but…

My coworker was not doing right. It had gotten to the point where he would write down hours on the time sheet for the store, but he would not work those hours, and this was happening consistently. There were other questionable activities he’d done, like him not dropping the deposits at the bank and them disappearing. Yea. It would have been great had he not involved me in these things. The thing is, he got caught by my boss one day and then he blamed it all on me. Fabulous. Basically what happened was he called me early in the morning and said he would open the store and I didn’t have to come in at all that day. A day off every now and then is always fun, and he never worked for me ever. I went back to sleep. All was well.

I get a call at 10:00 Am from my boss who only visits the store once a month, maybe. She was at the store and no one was there running the store. The store opens at 9, so, basically, he told me not to work, then he didn’t bother to show up to work the shift. He was caught. I told her my side of the story, the correct side, before the other guy could come and explain himself. He came alright. He drove over just as fast as he could tell my boss that I must have misheard him. Hi lies and lies and lies right to her face right in front of me while I’m fuming.

She knows the truth. I just told her the truth ten minutes ago, and she does not fire him! WHAAAA? !@##$%%^^&;*&;*&;(*)()(*^%$$! My head could have exploded all over them. I’d never been so furious in my life and I could have quit right then and there if it weren’t for my mom who talked me down while I bawled my eyes out in the front seat of my car. But that’s when I knew it was time for a change. It was time for me to move on, away from Stillwater and away from the darkness that had inundated my life.

Open Circle was a wonderful place of healing. It is where The Lord led me to finish The God Machine. It is where I helped to heal people and learn about health and herbs and vitamins. I met a ton of friends there, many of whom I believe were angels in disguise, but Open Circle was just a stepping stone in my fantastic voyage of healing, writing, and living a life of light and love and creativity. The next stepping stone in my life was Akins Natural Foods. That’s when the real magic enters my life.

My novel, The God Machine, a fascinating story about wizards, time travel, and romance is available for download at

The God Machine By Teri Harvey

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