Head Above Water

I don’t have a ton of time to write seeing as how I have a full time job that steals all my energy on a consistent basis, but lightning struck me a few days ago at 4am and I made sure I got this one down on paper. Hope you all enjoy. Yes, It’s about aliens. Yes, I am weird.


Head Above Water


Teri Ann Harvey

I mourn the man that never existed, ripped away so suddenly as I was removed from the system. I can almost see him as my eyes flutter around consciousness, eyes that have never seen anything. I can almost see him. He was here and then gone. Neither of us is real, I realize. It was all a lie, our lives.
I smell the harsh smell of salt with the nose I’d never actually used before. It burns in my nostrils. That is the truth. I feel the chill of salty water surrounding me, penetrating my every pore. That is the truth and It makes me shiver. Through the pale white light above me, I can almost see him. His skin glistens, and his big black eyes stare down at me with pity. I close my eyes once again and he’s gone. I mourn. I want to believe the lie.
I feel the heat of his hand on my cheek as he brings me out of the water, gentle as a mother lifting an infant into her arms. Lungs burn. This is real. I struggle. Then I can feel his long arms snaking around me, cradling me. His face so close to mine. I can’t help but love him. I want to open my eyes again, but he forbids it. I have no choice, but I relax in his arms.
“This one is awakening.”
He did not say the words aloud; my ears did not hear his voice. The words were spoken in my head as he gently held my eyes closed. I could hear the salt as it was being poured into the water around me. That was real.
“Stay asleep, little one. You are safe.”
That was a lie. My eyes struggled, but I loved him. I knew him. I wanted to see his truth once and for all. Hands, I had them. They were right there in his. Body, it was there. I could sense the muscles and bones, flex my fingers and toes. Eyes, paralyzed like the rest of my body parts. All I could manage was a desperate flutter of eyelids.
“I want to see you. I want to see the truth.”
“No, little one. We mustn’t. We must keep you safe. You are very special.”
“I don’t love the lie. I love you.”
“I am the lie I must protect you from.”
“I’ve seen you once before.”
“You think you have?”
“That was a lie.”
“That was a dream.”
“Was that safe?”
“Yes, the dream is safe.”
“But it wasn’t real. Are you real?”
“Oh yes, I’m very real.”
“But you’re also a lie.”
“Yes, that too.”
“What is the lie?”
“But I left safety.”
“We’re trying to get you back. You’ll die without it.”
“I can’t go back.”
“You must. You must try.”
“I want to see you. You are real.”
“You cannot see me.”
“I am also the lie. I am also very ugly and will frighten you.”
“How can I be frightened by the one I have loved so?”
“If you see me, you cannot go back. You must go back. You will not survive.”
“Why? Where am I? What is this?”
“The others will end your life if you do not go back. You must successfully reintegrate into the system.”
“I’ll go back. I won’t say a word. Just let me see you.”
“You mustn’t be afraid.”
“I won’t be afraid. I could never be afraid of you.”
“You will see my face and it will be burned into your mind. You will never be able to unsee the truth. Then you will never be able to accept the dream again. They will have to end you then, lest you go insane, lest you infect the remaining population.”
“I promise I won’t say a word. I can go back.”
“You are not ready.”
I could feel his ward hand on my cheek as he lifted me up and pressed me back down into the chilled water. Shivers. The gel like liquid rolled gently back over my cheeks and up into my nostrils as he pushed me under. I jerked around, heart broken as the water stung like acid in my lungs. My hands gripped his long slippery arm, holding my face against it as if it would save my life. Somehow, I caught my breath again, coughing out salt water. He allowed me to come back up this time, lifting me by the neck, holding me out over the pool. I could feel him contemplating whether to snap my neck or to cradle me again. His body surrounded mine again as he made his decision.
I lifted my hand and cradled his face as he’d done for mine. He’d been there many times before, done this same thing many times before. I remembered, but I thought it had been a dream. This was real. His cheek was warm and damp. Beautiful.
“Open your eyes if you dare.”
My eyes opened suddenly; he let them. I could only see the outline of him, the room was so filled with white light, and my eyes had never seen, it took a moment for them to clear. I was blind.
He poured some more of the water in my eyes using his big hands, taking the sting away and clearing my vision. I blinked once, twice, and he was there.
His skin was gray, a deep sick gray. His eyes were big empty black ovals staring down at me. His nose was tiny, but not absent, two vertical slits in the center of his face. His lips were thin, darker gray, but present. His hair was thick like big round snakes and silver. He held me tight as he anticipated my reaction.
“Ugly.” He thought.
“No,” I replied. “Not ugly.”
We stared at each other for a long time before he came to a decision.
“This one is nearly ready. Let us try one more time. Rest the dream.”

I felt the splash of cold salty water when I screamed awake in bed. I screamed a second time as I found myself trapped as the sheets coiled around me and the more I flopped the more entangled I became until a warm hand stopped me and a soft, lazy voice got my attention.
“Hey now, little one.” It was amazing how his voice curled around my body, up through my veins and I was instantly relaxed. His two hands separated me from the covers, untangling us until they were back comfortable on top of both our bodies. “Come here you little blanket stealer,” he whispered pulling me against his body and pressing his full lips against mine. I could feel the laugh under his lips though his lips never left mine. His arms landed on either side of me, his muscular chest on mine as he continued his onslaught. When he finally pulled away, I could see his face: perfect tanned skin with his nose dangling over mine, large glittery blue eyes staring down into mine, hair a golden honey blond. He was so perfect, every bit of him. I couldn’t believe I could possibly belong to him, but I knew with absolutely no doubt that he was everything. “Dreaming again,” he asked as his soft hand caressed my cheek. A sudden chill caressed my body as a distant memory tried to break through, but it was gone just as quickly. I relaxed in his arms. “Must have been a hell of a dream.”
“Yeah,” I whispered closing my eyes. “It was.”





Tie Dye of the Day


I’ve always found it amazing how much the music I listen to effects the mood of the story I’m writing and my character’s personalities. It’s really difficult to describe how the music makes you feel. Putting it into words is nearly impossible, but the music always seemed to be the lynch pin that pushes my creativity forward and brings me to all different emotional heights, heights that force me to run as fast as I can to find my notebook and get to work immediately. So, I thought I’d share just a few musical pieces that helped me to shape my novel, The God Machine.

First off, I’d like to explain the way I use music in my novels. The songs I use are my characters. Every time that character’s song plays, I brain goes to that character and I, in a sense, become that character. My mind will reset, and all my thoughts will go to that character, how they feel, who they are, how that song describes them perfectly. The song will put me in a mindset that helps me to see how that one person will react to certain situations. In my mind, it keeps their personalities separate because no one wants to read a book where every character is a cookie cutter of the last. That would be no fun.

So, what songs did I pick to represent my characters? Sometimes the song picks the character. For me, it happens when I’m walking along listening to my IPod. All the sudden it hits me. I gasp, and then I realize… This song is Salamander! Holy Crap!

I’ll start off with Salamander’s song. It’s “The Voice” by The Moody Blues. I also was quite fond of Steppin’ in a Slide Zone. Those two songs came to me when I was trying to write the Gauntlet of Fire scene. The great thing about fantasy writing is that you get to make things up completely, world build, but that is also the bad thing about it. I had no clue what the Gauntlet of Fire looked like until that song, The Voice, sneaked its way onto my IPod. When that song played I went from knowing absolutely nothing to absolutely everything about the Gauntlet in a matter of hours. When I heard the music, I saw Salamander get up off the ground and he was running. I could see his wand broken in half and each piece was in his hand. Like Spider Man, he flew into the air and attached himself to this terrible machine, and he had to climb up it by sinking the pointy ends of his wand into it and pulling himself up. Then I realized the machine was alive and evil and it bled acid blood, but Salamander was determined to get inside and defeat the monster. This song is so full of determination, and heart. It speaks of the future and the past and love and finding your dreams. This song is such a beautiful masterpiece, and it’s all Salamander.

Zolton’s song had been a favorite of mine when I was a teen and I hadn’t listened to it for over ten years when I found it again. It is called “The Everlasting Gaze” by The Smashing Pumpkins. It was also where I came up with the title The God Machine. This song spoke to me because when I listened to it, I heard a tale of lost love, and of a man who wanted his love to know that he was still here, still waiting for a chance to get her back, “forever waiting on the ways of your desire.” He still had his duty, yet he was still in love.

Ferret has two songs, but I say that’s okay. The first one is “The Changeling” by the Doors. You’ll know why if you read the book. The second one is “Like a Stone” by Audio Slave. Before I had to slash and burn song lyrics from my book for copyright reasons, this is one song out of many that Ferret would sing to Amanda to get her to remember him(for the sake of not giving the plot away I’m just going to say that Amanda has amnesia). There was a beautiful scene where Ferret and Amanda were on the beach and he’d been trying to get her to forget about Zolton for a century and he finally wooed her by singing this song to her. “In your house I long to be, room by room patiently. I’ll wait for you there like a stone. I’ll wait for you there alone.” Sadly, I didn’t want to get sued so I had to cut it, but that song does very well to describe Ferret’s heartache, and desperation of chasing after this woman who doesn’t remember the lifetime of love they shared, and she is now in love with another man.

Merlin’s song is really more prominent in the next book because the next book is going to be all about Merlin. His song is “Snow (Hey Oh)” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This just happens to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and It’s difficult to explain exactly how this became Merlin’s song. Well, here goes, I heard lyrics that were not the real lyrics to the song and it gave me the book idea. I can’t go into too much detail because it’s a storyline I’ve never seen done before, but for the sake of the song, Merlin is referred to as “The Perfect Wonder” and his love interest is the “Soul White as Snow.” The real lyrics are “SO white as snow,” but the damage is done.

Bernie’s song is “Once Upon a Time in your Wildest Dreams” by the Moody Blues, but only the intro.

As you can see, I am back from the dead! Yea! After two and a half months of migraines and last week with the Austrailian Norovirus, you can bet that I’m soooo ready to get back to my writing. Actually, today is the first time I’ve actually felt GOOD since the beginning of November. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking while I’ve been incapacitated, and I’ve decided that I would like to put The God Machine on my blog for free for all my WordPress friends. I noticed that my book is exactly 28 chapters long and tomorrow is the first day of February, so starting tomorrow, I will be presenting 28 days of The God Machine! I’ve been enjoying The Redemption of Erath by my blog friend Satis for a long time, and think he might be onto something. Also I don’t really care if I make money on my books. I just want to entertain people, so be prepared!!!! Here comes the entertainment!!! Tomorrow I will be putting up chapter 1 of The God Machine!

I Finished The God Machine and Lived To Tell About It!

Happy Black Friday, Bloggers. At the end of September I told you I would do nothing else until my novel, The God Machine, was completed. I am happy to report that all 180,000 words have been safely published on Smashwords and the Amazon Kindle store. Yea, Me!
I must say it has been a harrowing month for me. I almost quit my job twice. I had a very painful bout with some unruly ovarian cysts (both sides), several migraines, and a cold that I am still dealing with. I also rescued a poor sick hamster named Shaggy Don King. So, needless to say, I had a lot of hurtles to jump over.
Let me tell you a little bit about my process for this book. I know I’ve said this before, but I am going to say it again with bunches of exclamation points behind it. The very first thing I did was write out every page in a notebook!!!! The closer I got to the end of editing The God Machine, the more I realized how much the notebook actually helped me.
Reason number 1 to use notebooks: You can scribble, you can draw pictures. You can draw a line and write something completely off the wall to see if it works or not. You can write your notes right there in front of you. You can free write, and you don’t have to commit to any of it. Which leads to…
Reason number 2 to use notebooks: So, the notebook draft was my first draft. The type out draft is the second draft. This is where the work comes in. Yes, you do have to type the whole thing out again, but this helps you easily hop over a psychological hurdle you may not realize is there.
First, you are seeing the book with a fresh pair of eyes. That helps. Depending on how often you type out, it may have been weeks or months since you’ve seen the front have of your MS. You can go along freely and self edit, not by deleting words but by simply leaving them out. Here is the kicker. If you write your book out completely on your computer a weird thing happens. You become attached to those words. It becomes agony to erase such large paragraphs, and words that you’ve spent countless months slaving over. I’ve likened it to cutting off arms, but if you have those words tucked safely away in notebooks, they are not truly gone. Instead of deleting and sending your words out into oblivion, you simply omitted them. If you decide you need them later, they are still safely inside your notebook.
So my point here is…deleting parts of your manuscript hurts you psychologically. Omitting parts of your manuscript makes it a little less agonizing to do what you need to do. If you leave those extra things out that weren’t needed anyway, by the time you get the thing typed out it’s like they were never there.
Reason number 3 to write your manuscript out in notebooks, and this is a new one: When you reread your manuscript for the first time after typing it out…HOLY CRAP, IT’S VIRTUALLY PERFECT! Yes, I know, I know it’s hard to believe, but think about this. You did most, if not all, of the heavy lifting in the type out draft. There is virtually no cutting and pasting involved in the type out draft. You do the cutting and pasting in your head. If you want something from five (written) pages later where you’re typing it in now, you just go ahead and put that section in the right spot and make a notation in the paper copy. If you start getting redundant in your sentences, you can type one of the sentences out and leave the other one in your notebook. If you get adjective happy, you just leave them out. You forget tag lines, add them in. You forgot to say something in the notebook draft, come up with an awesome line, add that sucker in. It’s also a good time to fill in holes. I am famous for things that look like this (Add fight scene here…it’s a blood bath.) It’s been a while since I thought about this scene. A fresh pair of eyes and a fresh perspective and boom! It’s in there. And then you continue typing.
Yes, I do admit there were I scant few things I needed to move around. I did have to fix a bunch of typo’s, and had to make sure someone’s eyes stayed blue throughout the whole novel, but it read like a book. It felt like a book, and I got through the final editing process so much faster.
In other Bflyzone news, I didn’t get to do NaNoWriMo this year. In fact, I didn’t get to do it last year either because the entire month of November is a breeding ground for migraines. Plus, I was still working on The God Machine. I am planning on doing my own migraine free version of NaNoWriMo in June or July when the headaches are less likely to strike. I call it NaNoJulyMo. Any of you migraine people are welcome to join me. I know the name is wonky, but NaJulyWriMo just sounds weird.
I would like to do is give a huge thanks to MS Fowl. MS is the cover artist for The God Machine. She was an absolute blast to work with, and I absolutely love the cover. Actually, I think I might make my book cover my avatar. So, if any of you would like to have a high quality ebook cover at an affordable price, you should consider Melchelle Designs at Melchelle Designes also has their very own blog page here on wordpress. Check them out!

Finally, and I am very proud to do this, I would like to invite all of you to check out my new novel, The God Machine by Teri Harvey. or It is a very cool paranormal romance novel featuring wizards, time travel, inter-dimensional beings,  doppelgangers, and dragons. I had such a good time writing it. I hope you have a great time reading it.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Negative Reviews Aren’t Stopping People

Well everyone, I am having a heck of a time in my life right now. I’ve helped move the Heath food store in which I am currently employed, I’m about to be between jobs, I’ve started my own Etsy store for my tie dye, and I’m editing two novels that I have written. Looking at it all written down I am realizing just how busy I’ve been this last month. Yikes!
But there is another yikes I would like to discuss in this post, and it is the topic of book reviews on Amazon and Smashwords. What an insane source of confusion I have stumbled upon. I have received several bad, stinky, terrible, reviews for To Love a Beast, stuff that has made me question myself as a writer, stuff that has made me cringe. Then, on the other hand, I’ve gotten several nice emails from a few ladies wanting to get on an email list for when I finish the second book in my series. Another thing, my sales are up!?!? I don’t get it. Talk about mixed signals! The bad reviews aren’t stopping anyone from buying my crappy novel. Looking forward to more disappointed people I guess, but I’d like to think they were content with their purchase. I hope. I hope. Oh well, just gotta keep moving down the road and hope to keep improving.

20121004-031623.jpg The tie dye of the day for today is one of the first shirts I’ve ever done. I still have it and it’s still gorgeous at three years old.

Come Look at my Etsy Shop!

Hey bloggers, Butterfly Tie Dye is up and running on Etsy! I’ve currently only have eight shirts in stock, but it’s a good start for me. If you like my tie dye of the day and would like to have one or two for yourselves, you can purchase some of my tie dyes from me Etsy store Butterfly Tie Dye.

Tie Dye of the Day is currently available at the Butterfly Tie Dye Etsy store.

As for my writing career…I’ve been damn busy moving the health food store for the last two weeks so editing of The God Machine has been few and far between. I have found little snitches of time here and there to iron out a few major woopsies in my MS, but not much. I’ve been seven to nineing it, as I like to call it. I have been working most days from 9-7, and then I get home at about 7:15 and I crank up the computer and I edit as fast as I can before nine o’clock. I know I should probably keep going after nine, but I don’t function the next day unless I go to bed at nine and get up at eight thirty the next morning. What can I say, I’m a wimp!
Was I crazy to think that I could be finished editing two of my own books by the end of September? Probably, yes, but I gave it my best shot. Since I shot that goal, I suppose I should make another one. Maybe I’ll just have to get done when I get done. You can’t rush genius you know…(Yes that was too much. Wyle E Coyote…super genius!)

So you lovely people have hopefully read my chapter one of The God Machine. Hope you liked it. Well, I’m going to try something different for me. I’m going to ask if any of you would like to be a beta reader. I’ve never had anyone other than myself, Aric, and Sheree look at my first book before I unleashed it upon the world. I think it might be helpful for a few more eyes to oogle my baby before I send her out. If you’d like to be a beta reader, please comment.

Finally, I would like to thank M.S. Fowle for working so diligently and professionally to get my cover for The God Machine ready to roll. She was a delight to work with and her creations are stellar. If you need a cover done you can visit . I will reveal the cover a little bit later, but I absolutely love it.

Happy writing!

Nothing Left to do But Edit

The typing phase is done. The pages of my notebooks have run empty. I’ve been typing feverishly for the past month trying to get that second draft (typing draft) of my wip into my computer, and now it has come to pass. The God Machine has been digitized!
I noticed how light my back pack was this morning. Yes, I had my computer in it, but it just felt wrong. Those two think notebooks that I would drag around with me everywhere I went, they were gone. Full of life and beauty, full of blue pen and red pen and folded down pages, chapter notes, wizard’s names, apprentice names, magic… now they are just piles of dead tree. How quickly the magic goes away from one medium and is transferred to another. A new phase begins today…Real, hard, destructive editing. This should be fun.

Construction to Destruction

Going from the creative writing part of being a writer (construction) to the editing part (destruction) is hard!
I just finished writing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (working title) and I am now ready to start chopping that sucker up and making it readable. I also have another finished novel that I should have been editing, but instead I indulged my muse and finished The Sorcerer’s Apprentice letting The Fall fall by the wayside.
My predicament is I’m still feeling creative and am just itching to keep going with more fun writing. The only problem with that is I have two books here waiting to be edited and if I don’t get them finished they won’t ever be seen and I won’t make any money to support myself, my cat, and my muse…
Yikes! I don’t want to shut down the creative center, but on the other hand I do like to eat every now and then.
Time to put on the big girl pants and start editing and revising. I’ll write a little bit to keep the nasty monster away, but that other work must be done, too. A good balance of work and play makes the Teri a happy writer.

I am also thinking about putting my whole wizard book up on its own blog, a chapter or two a week. I heard from some sources that it is a good idea, but some that it’s not. I know a few of my followers have done this in the past and i was wondering if any of you wanted to give me any pointers or opinions about this. Any opinions will be appreciated.
Have a great weekend everyone.

I’m Giving my Regency Romance novel away for FREE!

I must be insane!



To Love a Beast

Fiction » Romance » Regency

Cover for 'To Love a Beast'

By Teri Harvey
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: March 30, 2012
Words: 99645 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476341767

Short description

Unable to stand by as Madison Fitzwalter’s future is ripped from her, Charles, The Duke of Radcliffe, who has inexplicably fallen for the lady he soiled and deserted, makes plans to forge a new future for Madison, a future where he is her husband…whether she likes it or not.

Extended description

To Love a Beast is a Regency romance novel about a young debutant named Madison Fitzwalter who is kidnapped by mistake. Judged to be a fitting substitute for his intended victim, Madison is blindfolded and seduced by man who awakens a passion inside of her the likes of which the sheltered innocent has never felt. At the end of her illicit night with a man only known to her as Teddy, Madison is returned to London manor from which she’d been plucked and left alone to face the scorn and rejection of the ton leaving her heartbroken and inexplicably pining for the mysterious lover who abandoned her.
Charles, The Duke of Radcliffe, never expects to see this girl again after he’d seduced and released her. Charles is painfully aware that he should never have touched the chit delivered to his bed by mistake, but the young beauty is just too tempting, and watching the next morning as she is ostracized by an unforgiving Ton only complicates matters. Unable to stand by as Madison’s future i… (Read more)

To Love a Beast

To Love a Beast

Fiction » Romance » Regency
By Teri Harvey
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: March 30, 2012
Words: 99645 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description:
Unable to stand by as Madison Fitzwalter’s future is ripped from her, Charles, The Duke of Radcliffe, who has inexplicably fallen for the lady he soiled and deserted, makes plans to forge a new future for Madison, a future where he is her husband…whether she likes it or not.

Extended description:
To Love a Beast is a Regency romance novel about a young debutant named Madison Fitzwalter who is kidnapped by mistake. Judged to be a fitting substitute for his intended victim, Madison is blindfolded and seduced by man who awakens a passion inside of her the likes of which the sheltered innocent has never felt. At the end of her illicit night with a man only known to her as Teddy, Madison is returned to London manor from which she’d been plucked and left alone to face the scorn and rejection of the ton leaving her heartbroken and inexplicably pining for the mysterious lover who abandoned her.
Charles, The Duke of Radcliffe, never expects to see this girl again after he’d seduced and released her. Charles is painfully aware that he should never have touched the chit delivered to his bed by mistake, but the young beauty is just too tempting, and watching the next morning as she is ostracized by an unforgiving Ton only complicates matters. Unable to stand by as Madison’s future is ripped from her, The Duke, who has inexplicably fallen for the lady he soiled and deserted, makes plans to forge a new future for Madison, a future where he is her husband…whether she likes it or not.

To all of my Word Press friends and followers, thank you so much for being a part of the blogging community. I feel like I learn something new every day, and I have fun doing it. You guys are awesome! If you’d like to help me out with some free marketing, please re-blog this post.

If you’d like to purchase To Love a Beast for your very own eyeballs, here is the link again.

On Smart Characters who do Stupid Things

You know them. You love them. They’re smart, witty, handsome/beautiful. They’re lives are interesting enough for you to devote countless hours reading about them. They are your main characters, and you trust them to bring you entertainment to the very last page.

But then, they do something so terrible, so vial, that you don’t know if you will ever turn the page, or even ever look at the book ever again. They do something HORRENDOUSLY STUPID!

Yes, I understand that the one horrendously stupid act may be the catalyst for the whole entire book and the story hinges on that one crazy mistake the main character made. Most books have this. Definitely most romance novels have this. It’s an elephant that I enjoy on a daily basis, but there is a line, so I beg you, don’t jump the shark.

What the author tells us and how the character acts can be completely opposite things. I’ve seen books where the author took so much time telling the reader how smart and beautiful and witty their heroine is, and then they make the terrible mistakes that are so out of character to her. Then the hero makes a mistake, and then the heroine again, and pretty soon its a stupid fest the likes of which I’ve never seen.

Before your character goes and does something out outrageous, I think the author should have the maturity to ask, would this person really do this?

I can forgive the one f aux pas that that gets the story in motion, to a point, but from that point on the hero/heroine is in a hole. They need to regain my trust and fast. I’ve read books where the supposedly smart main character would just do stupid things over and over and over again, and authors who even bring those stupid things into other books! Yikes! Nothing like a highly intelligent stupid person (yes they exist in real life too).

I’ve saved Maddie Fitzwalter from the fates of stupidity several times in my novel To Love a Beast” available at

In the first draft of the novel, Maddie attends one final ball in a last ditch effort to save her reputation. When all hope is lost, Maddie gets swept off her feet by a handsome duke. She has absolutely no inkling that this was the man responsible for kidnapping, seducing, and ultimately soiling of her reputation. She had no clue, no clue whatsoever. Forget that the night she was taken was the most passion filled night she’d ever experienced and that the man had completely stolen her heart. She just plum had no idea.

I didn’t want Maddie to come off the stupid heroine. I’ve read books like this, and they might be satisfying, but mostly they leave me screaming at the book.

With that in mind, I went in a completely different direction. When I did the rewrite, Maddie knows, gasp, that he’s the man, gasp gasp, that took her. She may be too afraid to say anything She may be too swept away to care, but at least she’s not stupid.

This destupifying of Maddie also led to several different plot twists that take place throughout the rest of the novel, and gave birth to another interesting character that will definitely be showing up in future books of mine.

Sooooo, don’t take the easy way out by making your characters do something uncharacteristically stupid. Think of ways to make them better for yourself and your reader. You may not realize how much a good re imagining will do for your characters and your readership.