Tie Dye of the Day


I’ve always found it amazing how much the music I listen to effects the mood of the story I’m writing and my character’s personalities. It’s really difficult to describe how the music makes you feel. Putting it into words is nearly impossible, but the music always seemed to be the lynch pin that pushes my creativity forward and brings me to all different emotional heights, heights that force me to run as fast as I can to find my notebook and get to work immediately. So, I thought I’d share just a few musical pieces that helped me to shape my novel, The God Machine.

First off, I’d like to explain the way I use music in my novels. The songs I use are my characters. Every time that character’s song plays, I brain goes to that character and I, in a sense, become that character. My mind will reset, and all my thoughts will go to that character, how they feel, who they are, how that song describes them perfectly. The song will put me in a mindset that helps me to see how that one person will react to certain situations. In my mind, it keeps their personalities separate because no one wants to read a book where every character is a cookie cutter of the last. That would be no fun.

So, what songs did I pick to represent my characters? Sometimes the song picks the character. For me, it happens when I’m walking along listening to my IPod. All the sudden it hits me. I gasp, and then I realize… This song is Salamander! Holy Crap!

I’ll start off with Salamander’s song. It’s “The Voice” by The Moody Blues. I also was quite fond of Steppin’ in a Slide Zone. Those two songs came to me when I was trying to write the Gauntlet of Fire scene. The great thing about fantasy writing is that you get to make things up completely, world build, but that is also the bad thing about it. I had no clue what the Gauntlet of Fire looked like until that song, The Voice, sneaked its way onto my IPod. When that song played I went from knowing absolutely nothing to absolutely everything about the Gauntlet in a matter of hours. When I heard the music, I saw Salamander get up off the ground and he was running. I could see his wand broken in half and each piece was in his hand. Like Spider Man, he flew into the air and attached himself to this terrible machine, and he had to climb up it by sinking the pointy ends of his wand into it and pulling himself up. Then I realized the machine was alive and evil and it bled acid blood, but Salamander was determined to get inside and defeat the monster. This song is so full of determination, and heart. It speaks of the future and the past and love and finding your dreams. This song is such a beautiful masterpiece, and it’s all Salamander.

Zolton’s song had been a favorite of mine when I was a teen and I hadn’t listened to it for over ten years when I found it again. It is called “The Everlasting Gaze” by The Smashing Pumpkins. It was also where I came up with the title The God Machine. This song spoke to me because when I listened to it, I heard a tale of lost love, and of a man who wanted his love to know that he was still here, still waiting for a chance to get her back, “forever waiting on the ways of your desire.” He still had his duty, yet he was still in love.

Ferret has two songs, but I say that’s okay. The first one is “The Changeling” by the Doors. You’ll know why if you read the book. The second one is “Like a Stone” by Audio Slave. Before I had to slash and burn song lyrics from my book for copyright reasons, this is one song out of many that Ferret would sing to Amanda to get her to remember him(for the sake of not giving the plot away I’m just going to say that Amanda has amnesia). There was a beautiful scene where Ferret and Amanda were on the beach and he’d been trying to get her to forget about Zolton for a century and he finally wooed her by singing this song to her. “In your house I long to be, room by room patiently. I’ll wait for you there like a stone. I’ll wait for you there alone.” Sadly, I didn’t want to get sued so I had to cut it, but that song does very well to describe Ferret’s heartache, and desperation of chasing after this woman who doesn’t remember the lifetime of love they shared, and she is now in love with another man.

Merlin’s song is really more prominent in the next book because the next book is going to be all about Merlin. His song is “Snow (Hey Oh)” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This just happens to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and It’s difficult to explain exactly how this became Merlin’s song. Well, here goes, I heard lyrics that were not the real lyrics to the song and it gave me the book idea. I can’t go into too much detail because it’s a storyline I’ve never seen done before, but for the sake of the song, Merlin is referred to as “The Perfect Wonder” and his love interest is the “Soul White as Snow.” The real lyrics are “SO white as snow,” but the damage is done.

Bernie’s song is “Once Upon a Time in your Wildest Dreams” by the Moody Blues, but only the intro.

As you can see, I am back from the dead! Yea! After two and a half months of migraines and last week with the Austrailian Norovirus, you can bet that I’m soooo ready to get back to my writing. Actually, today is the first time I’ve actually felt GOOD since the beginning of November. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking while I’ve been incapacitated, and I’ve decided that I would like to put The God Machine on my blog for free for all my WordPress friends. I noticed that my book is exactly 28 chapters long and tomorrow is the first day of February, so starting tomorrow, I will be presenting 28 days of The God Machine! I’ve been enjoying The Redemption of Erath by my blog friend Satis for a long time, and think he might be onto something. Also I don’t really care if I make money on my books. I just want to entertain people, so be prepared!!!! Here comes the entertainment!!! Tomorrow I will be putting up chapter 1 of The God Machine!


Come Look at my Etsy Shop!

Hey bloggers, Butterfly Tie Dye is up and running on Etsy! I’ve currently only have eight shirts in stock, but it’s a good start for me. If you like my tie dye of the day and would like to have one or two for yourselves, you can purchase some of my tie dyes from me Etsy store Butterfly Tie Dye.

Tie Dye of the Day is currently available at the Butterfly Tie Dye Etsy store.

As for my writing career…I’ve been damn busy moving the health food store for the last two weeks so editing of The God Machine has been few and far between. I have found little snitches of time here and there to iron out a few major woopsies in my MS, but not much. I’ve been seven to nineing it, as I like to call it. I have been working most days from 9-7, and then I get home at about 7:15 and I crank up the computer and I edit as fast as I can before nine o’clock. I know I should probably keep going after nine, but I don’t function the next day unless I go to bed at nine and get up at eight thirty the next morning. What can I say, I’m a wimp!
Was I crazy to think that I could be finished editing two of my own books by the end of September? Probably, yes, but I gave it my best shot. Since I shot that goal, I suppose I should make another one. Maybe I’ll just have to get done when I get done. You can’t rush genius you know…(Yes that was too much. Wyle E Coyote…super genius!)

So you lovely people have hopefully read my chapter one of The God Machine. Hope you liked it. Well, I’m going to try something different for me. I’m going to ask if any of you would like to be a beta reader. I’ve never had anyone other than myself, Aric, and Sheree look at my first book before I unleashed it upon the world. I think it might be helpful for a few more eyes to oogle my baby before I send her out. If you’d like to be a beta reader, please comment.

Finally, I would like to thank M.S. Fowle for working so diligently and professionally to get my cover for The God Machine ready to roll. She was a delight to work with and her creations are stellar. If you need a cover done you can visit . I will reveal the cover a little bit later, but I absolutely love it.

Happy writing!

Construction to Destruction

Going from the creative writing part of being a writer (construction) to the editing part (destruction) is hard!
I just finished writing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (working title) and I am now ready to start chopping that sucker up and making it readable. I also have another finished novel that I should have been editing, but instead I indulged my muse and finished The Sorcerer’s Apprentice letting The Fall fall by the wayside.
My predicament is I’m still feeling creative and am just itching to keep going with more fun writing. The only problem with that is I have two books here waiting to be edited and if I don’t get them finished they won’t ever be seen and I won’t make any money to support myself, my cat, and my muse…
Yikes! I don’t want to shut down the creative center, but on the other hand I do like to eat every now and then.
Time to put on the big girl pants and start editing and revising. I’ll write a little bit to keep the nasty monster away, but that other work must be done, too. A good balance of work and play makes the Teri a happy writer.

I am also thinking about putting my whole wizard book up on its own blog, a chapter or two a week. I heard from some sources that it is a good idea, but some that it’s not. I know a few of my followers have done this in the past and i was wondering if any of you wanted to give me any pointers or opinions about this. Any opinions will be appreciated.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Pulling Teeth!

Tie Dye of The Day…yes, I know it’s upside down.

I recently saw my dentist this past week, and if you’ve been keeping up, you know I’ve been seeing a lot of him lately. Finally getting to the end of my root canal/crown situation.
I’d mentioned to my dentist that I was an author and to my surprise, he was writing a book, too! Thus, he is my inspiration for this post.
He had a common problem amongst fellow writers. He’d written the beginning of his book, and the ending, but he was stuck because he wasn’t sure what things should go in the middle.
I started thinking about my own writing experiences, especially those of the last book I wrote. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (working title) seemed like a never ending roller coaster for me. There were times when it felt like I was watching a movie inside my brain and writing it down as fast as I could. Other times were like , well, pulling teeth! ( I figured my dentist would like that).
In the middle of the book, my wizard apprentices are invited to participate in the UWA Apprentice Showdown. Basically at the end of this month long “Wizard Olympics” the young apprentice boys would graduate and receive their powers or “Wizardhood.” Only, I had one problem…what in the world are the wizards apprentices supposed to do at wizard apprentice olympics? At the end of the UWA showdown, 5 of the highest scoring apprentices would enter a final event called “The Gauntlet of Fire” where the final 5 apprentices compete to become champion of the games and thus the first to become wizards. Damn it, I had no idea what that was going to be either. HOLY CRAP!
I have completed this novel, thank God. It only took me two and a half years, but the Wizard Olympics and the Gauntlet of Fire took up over a year of that writing time. I had no idea from day to day where I was going with this part of the story, and that’s where the pulling teeth part comes in. That whole year I spent writing that part of the book went like this…
I would write a sentence. Then I would sit there for five minutes thinking about the next one. I would write the next sentence, sit five minutes, write a paragraph, sit five minutes, tear out the sheet of paper and toss it away.
Basically it took a lot of teeth pullin’ before I got more steam to push on to the end of the book.
That part of the book was right around 150 pages too, so that’s a lot of stop/starts, and many hours of sit around and do nothing but think about apprentice events and other magical things that happen. I never realized how difficult it was to write magical things because…they’re freakin’ magical!
No one ever said writing was easy, and my ultimate advice to anyone who is having trouble coming up with story is… It’s okay to pull teeth.
There are two ways to handle writing difficult scenes, especially those where you have no idea where to go from where you are. Neither one are wrong. I always recommend do what works best for you. I did a little of both during this time.
First, you can let your idea percolate. You don’t have to write anything during this time. For me, I will just sit there and think and think and then think some more. Eventually, the answer will come. Also during that time I watched a lot of movies, read a lot of books, wrote other stories, and when that magical day came, and the answer to my constant thoughts was finally answered, I ran to my notebook and was off to the races!
The second thing you can do is keep pulling those teeth and keep writing. I recommend this one as well because for me, there are many many things that do not occur to me until I am actually engrossed in a scene and writing it. When you’re writing, things can go in completely opposite directions of what you intend. Those are magical moments as well. That’s when your characters start writing themselves and you’re just along for the ride. Literary surprises are just as fun for the author as they are for the reader and the reader can see the excitement in your words.
They can also see when you chucka chucka chucka one sentence at a time, but sometimes when you read it all at once and let those unruly sentences stand with other unruly sentences, another magical thing happens. It flows! It doesn’t happen for everybody every time, but when it does…that year and a half you spent pulling teeth becomes worth it!
Happy writing!
Once again, it’s time for me to start editing!

Get to Work!

Hello bloggers, damn it’s good to be back in the land of the healthy. I am officially on my fourth day post root canal, and I have to say I feel great. Getting back into the writing groove has been a little bit rocky especially because I’ve had 2 infections over the past month. It’s definitely hard to get back into the game after you’ve been sick so long, but today the words seem to be flowing, so it’s time to get back to it!
This post should be fun. I dreamed it up while I was hopped up on pain meds…haven’t needed them in 3 days mind you. A lot of people wonder about the lives of writers and what they do and where they work all day. I can’t say anything about anyone else, but I think my story is pretty interesting. I thought I’d share.

Here’s where the magic happens for me. Behind the Aura Cacia at ye ole health food store. I think I’m pretty blessed to have the place all to myself for 40 hours a week with the occasional customer coming to shmooze with me, and hopefully buy some supplements. You’ll see my second biz, the tie dye down below. If there is one thing you can count on, I always have some tie dye with me somewhere. I keep it in the store so it doesn’t get that car sitting in the sun smell.

On closer inspection, I’ve got my current editing project, The Fall, on my computer. I’ve got the aliens in my notebook next to me just in case I lose my mind and can’t edit anymore. I’ve got my Ipod music set to Dr. Jeffery Thompson’s Creative mind system. If you’re in a non writing lurch this will get your creative juices flowing again. ( I recommend the 2.0 system. It’s just better).

The very first time I used the system was when I wrote the first chapter of To Love a Beast (available on Smashwords). I wrote for 24 hours straight. That whole first 50 pages were pretty damn racy for me (it’s 36 now if you were counting. Editing), and I just kept going and going and going. It was like a writing cleanse/detox. Got it all out , baby!

Also, speaking of creative juices, I have a nice bottle of Aura Cacia Creative Juice always in hand. It doesn’t work quite as well as the theta waves in my Creative Mind System, but it works pretty well on its own.
Other good creative remedies I like to use are Phosphatitlesterine and think O2 tea. All these things get the blood rushing to your brain and your brain thinking faster. That’s one of the great things about working in a health food store. You’ve got access! And lots and lots and lots of spare time for your writing.
Just in case you were wondering, here is a picture of my little slice of Heaven. I will never ever ever ever ever leave this place.
Have a great day and buy a tie dye.

An Insane Marketing Sceme from Bflyzone…

Hello fellow Word Press bloggers, especially bloggers with books out. While I was out buying shoes today, my brain sprouted a miraculous marketing scheme to sell more copies of my novel. It would also help other authors who blog and currently have a book they are wanting to sell. I’m not sure if anyone else has done this sort of thing before, but a little experimentation never hurt anyone. Plus, I have a marketing degree, and marketing strategies are always bouncing around my head. I’ll tell you all my plan and then I will welcome any suggestions, comments, anger that may arise.
Here is my plan:
First, everybody who has a book to sell use a blog post to promote your book. I want to see a picture of the cover, links to where you can buy it, if you’re bold, maybe a sample chapter, the meaning of life, your sample query, basically any metadata that you have and are willing to share of your book. Then post it to your blog.
Then, this is where the rest of us come in, when I receive someones marketing blog, I will push the re-blog button on your page…and like…and possibly comment.

When I re-blog, your post will be shown to all my friends at Facebook, all my twitter friends, and all the Word Press subscribers who don’t know you exist yet. I don’t know about you guys, but my friends are readers and someone out there may end up buying your book. Hell, I might end up buying your book. It could be cool. The best part is, it’s free!

I suggest doing this on the first day of every month just so our inboxes don’t explode. We also don’t have to make a new one every month. We can just re-blog the old one again later. I think it would be a great opportunity for free marketing and for platform growing. We all know how important those platforms are. Cause if we didn’t have a platform, we’d either be standing in alligator infested water…or getting naked for peanut butter. (Sorry for the OLD Survivor joke. Hope it didn’t go over your heads.)

What say you?

Oh Notebook, Where art thou? Part 1

They never fail…They never send your work into oblivion by forgetting to click save, they will never run out of power and will never cause you eye-strain (well, not too much anyway) They are the ultimate hard copy. They are your notebooks made from 99.9% killed trees and.01% love…and fun chemicals, but that’s neither here nor there.

You guessed it. I am a huge notebook fan. Computers? Not so much.

So ,why, in all your writerliciousness, like you not the computer, you may ask.

They answer is quite simple: Eye Strain, EYE STRAIN, EYE S-T-R… you get the point. And I do get a lot of migraines too. I can work in a notebook before I’m completely better from a migraine. With a computer…I can hardly even have one in the same room with me.

With that, I thought it would be a fun Saturday project to do a history of Teri Butterfly Harvey’s awesome notebook collection.

It all started out with one… The one that in the seventh grade I’d decided would be for my writing only. Here it is, right here… It’s the first notebook I’d ever bought specifically for writing, and I was damn proud of it. I even bough some special shiny gel ink pens to use in it! I was going to write my first novel in this thing, and all my novel ideas, draw some pictures, gasp, become famous!

Well, I did fill that notebook up with my first novel. Sparkly and beautiful and very worn out by the time I was done with it, I loved the notebook. I didn’t even want anyone touching the thing. No borrowing paper from this thing. It was special, but what was I supposed to do when it was full. Buy another, of course!

Oh Notebook, Where Art Thou? Part 4

Finally, I come to the last group of notebooks, the ones I am currently using. I really love these babies, and I drive 50 miles to the nearest Barnes and Noble to buy them when I’m out of paper. These beauties are big. They are heavy, but in a good way. They do not fall closed easily. They are solid and thick. I practically refuse to write in anything else. Here they are.
Here’s a quick rundown of what I have here…The two brown and pink ones at the end contain “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” The tan one with the wave on it and the little Jesus book contains “The Claiming” my book about the aliens. The blue and brown one contains “To Love one’s Husband,” the second half of To Love a Beast.
That concludes my notebook fetish, so now I’ll tell you a little bit about my process.
I write the first draft in the notebook. I type out the second draft and edit it at the same time. 3rd draft-10,000th draft, I do just like anyone else on a computer. Most of my days are simply writing days with my notebook, but I usually dedicate one or two days a week for typing out pages. It helps out especially when I’m not feeling really creative, but still want to work on something.
I’ve heard people say that if you work on more than one project at a time, that you’ll never get anything done. To that I say, who cares? I’ve got several thousand characters trying to claw their way out of my brain and on the the page. I enjoy every moment of writing them down. I gets done when I gets done. I’m not itching to be rich or anything. I just want to be able to write whatever I want whenever I want and have a kick ass time doing it. Now that’s what makes a writer! Now, go fill up a notebook!

Oh Notebook, Where Art Thou? Part 2

When I finished with my first whole notebook, I was on a veritable writing tare, but my first novel was far from being finished. Shame on me for thinking that I could get it done in just one. Then I found the deal of a lifetime. 10 for a buck! And these were kick ass notebooks too…unperforated, plastic cover, big fat lines. I bout died when the Wal-Mart stopped carrying them. Here they are. Yes I saved them too…
Yes, I saved all 13 of them all well written in front to back…same book by the way, and after that I was still not finished. In fact, here is what my collection looked like before I called it done Oh yea, that’s all of them. And that’s how I spent my high school years, slaving over notebooks for a book that will never ever see the light of day. Who wants to read a poorly written YA romance about an asper-girl who is afraid of the world, and the stubborn fool who is in love with her? Plus, did I mention that it was 600 pages typed out and they were not, I repeat, not double spaced. Good Grief!

How to Skin a Cat the Butterfly Way

Don’t freak out. I love cats, and I would never ever skin one.

The point of this post is that there is more than one way to write a book, and to get book ideas. I thought it would be fun to divulge how I got my first book idea. It wasn’t difficult to find. In fact, it was practically served up to me on a silver platter.

First, I would like to discuss the phenomena of the back cover page of a paper back book. I am a marketing major so I have a great appreciation for that wonderful teaser they flaunt to get you interested in what’s inside. Actually, the back of the book is my favorite part. If there isn’t a compelling description, I don’t read it. I am also very shocked when the book makers don’t even bother to put one on. Don’t they know they’re losing sales? I’m picky, and I can’t be the only one.

Sometimes, there is a definite difference between what you expect from a book and what you actually get from the book (straight from my business classes. this comes with a great big x shaped graph. It’s curvy and beautiful). This is actually how I got my idea for my first regency romance novel, To Love a Beast by Teri Butterfly Harvey available on Smashwords. (Just for funzies, the original title of my book was The Bad Duke).

In my search for the perfect read, I ran into a book called “The Gilded Web by Mary Balogh.


Figured I’d give her a little shout out. The book was okay, but not what I expected at all from what the back of the book said. In fact, It was completely different. Here is what I saw on the back cover copied from, but it’s basically the same.

All she wanted was to escape the hot, crowded London ballroom. But moments after stepping into the bitterly cold night, she is seized by a pair of strong hands and spirited away. Fully expecting to be ravished, sheltered Alexandra Purnell instead finds herself at the mercy of the man who saved her from certain scandal. Edmund, Earl of Amberley, is bold and sensual, tempting Alexandra to be reckless for the first time in her life. But as passion ignites, Edmund’s offer of marriage takes Alexandra completely by surprise. Now a woman who craves her freedom above all else is about to discover how far one man will go to protect and possess the woman he loves.…

Like I said, technically, that is what happened in the book, but not at all what I expected. I was expecting some fire, some passion, some scandal, but the heroine was lukewarm and nervous as all hell the whole book (how did the hero come to fall in love with her again?). The hero was soooo honorable. Yes, he had a mistress somewhere, but she was disenchanted enough to tell him to go marry this poor girl he accidentally ruined…and on and on. This is not a book review.

The point, I wanted to read the book they promised me on the cover. I wanted to read a book like that! Maybe my imagination and hope ran away with me when I bought this book, but damn!

Then I started looking around for something that matched what I imagined. There weren’t very many storied with the storyline I envisioned, so, by damn, it was my mission to write one, and The Bad Duke was born.

I took the original back cover summary. Then I created two spectacular 3 dimensional characters, and put them into battle. (Charles, a Duke who is over confident, used to getting what he wants, every cunning and a touch evil.) (Maddie, the beautiful country girl with a wicked temper and brains to boot…don’t take no crap from no one.) These two are perfectly matched, at least I think so. These two characters practically wrote the book themselves, and I was just along for the ride. So all you writers out there, be vigilant! You never know when your next book idea will smack you in the face.

Buy a tie dye.