Archangel Down Review

Just got finished reading Archangel down by C. Cockel. That was a great read. Had me hooked on the characters before the end of the first chapter. Without going to deep into the story it had so many great elements to it that it kept me entranced the whole time reading. If you like augmented humans, aliens, and science fiction in general, you will enjoy this book. It’s got lots of thrilling chase scenes and lots of emotion. There is a romance element to it, but it’s not overwhelming. Actually, for this type of book is probably just right.

My one gripe is during the action sequences I had a little bit of trouble picturing what was happening, but it wasn’t bad enough to pull me out of the story. There was supposed to be chaos happening anyway so whatever.

The flow in this book kept me hooked the whole time. The characters in the world building or solid. Great job. Here is the link in case you wanted to purchase it. I am in no way affiliated with this author. Just an admiring reader. I’m about to enjoy the second installment of this series. Noaa’s Ark. Hope it is as exciting as the first one.

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