Negative Reviews Aren’t Stopping People

Well everyone, I am having a heck of a time in my life right now. I’ve helped move the Heath food store in which I am currently employed, I’m about to be between jobs, I’ve started my own Etsy store for my tie dye, and I’m editing two novels that I have written. Looking at it all written down I am realizing just how busy I’ve been this last month. Yikes!
But there is another yikes I would like to discuss in this post, and it is the topic of book reviews on Amazon and Smashwords. What an insane source of confusion I have stumbled upon. I have received several bad, stinky, terrible, reviews for To Love a Beast, stuff that has made me question myself as a writer, stuff that has made me cringe. Then, on the other hand, I’ve gotten several nice emails from a few ladies wanting to get on an email list for when I finish the second book in my series. Another thing, my sales are up!?!? I don’t get it. Talk about mixed signals! The bad reviews aren’t stopping anyone from buying my crappy novel. Looking forward to more disappointed people I guess, but I’d like to think they were content with their purchase. I hope. I hope. Oh well, just gotta keep moving down the road and hope to keep improving.

20121004-031623.jpg The tie dye of the day for today is one of the first shirts I’ve ever done. I still have it and it’s still gorgeous at three years old.

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  1. Any landing you can walk away from… Any review is better than NO review. Figure out if the review bears merit, (this is especially hard; sometimes a critic is bang-on and we just close our eyes). Otherwise, ENJOY the notoriety! (& the moola…*grin*) Keep writing! *hugs* luv khrys…

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Lois says:

    Exciting times for you! I don’t know if I have any reviews of my novels… I guess I should check… I guess I should check on my sales too! Good luck with your new books and your Etsy store1

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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