Negative Reviews Aren’t Stopping People

Well everyone, I am having a heck of a time in my life right now. I’ve helped move the Heath food store in which I am currently employed, I’m about to be between jobs, I’ve started my own Etsy store for my tie dye, and I’m editing two novels that I have written. Looking at it all written down I am realizing just how busy I’ve been this last month. Yikes!
But there is another yikes I would like to discuss in this post, and it is the topic of book reviews on Amazon and Smashwords. What an insane source of confusion I have stumbled upon. I have received several bad, stinky, terrible, reviews for To Love a Beast, stuff that has made me question myself as a writer, stuff that has made me cringe. Then, on the other hand, I’ve gotten several nice emails from a few ladies wanting to get on an email list for when I finish the second book in my series. Another thing, my sales are up!?!? I don’t get it. Talk about mixed signals! The bad reviews aren’t stopping anyone from buying my crappy novel. Looking forward to more disappointed people I guess, but I’d like to think they were content with their purchase. I hope. I hope. Oh well, just gotta keep moving down the road and hope to keep improving.

20121004-031623.jpg The tie dye of the day for today is one of the first shirts I’ve ever done. I still have it and it’s still gorgeous at three years old.


Come Look at my Etsy Shop!

Hey bloggers, Butterfly Tie Dye is up and running on Etsy! I’ve currently only have eight shirts in stock, but it’s a good start for me. If you like my tie dye of the day and would like to have one or two for yourselves, you can purchase some of my tie dyes from me Etsy store Butterfly Tie Dye.

Tie Dye of the Day is currently available at the Butterfly Tie Dye Etsy store.

As for my writing career…I’ve been damn busy moving the health food store for the last two weeks so editing of The God Machine has been few and far between. I have found little snitches of time here and there to iron out a few major woopsies in my MS, but not much. I’ve been seven to nineing it, as I like to call it. I have been working most days from 9-7, and then I get home at about 7:15 and I crank up the computer and I edit as fast as I can before nine o’clock. I know I should probably keep going after nine, but I don’t function the next day unless I go to bed at nine and get up at eight thirty the next morning. What can I say, I’m a wimp!
Was I crazy to think that I could be finished editing two of my own books by the end of September? Probably, yes, but I gave it my best shot. Since I shot that goal, I suppose I should make another one. Maybe I’ll just have to get done when I get done. You can’t rush genius you know…(Yes that was too much. Wyle E Coyote…super genius!)

So you lovely people have hopefully read my chapter one of The God Machine. Hope you liked it. Well, I’m going to try something different for me. I’m going to ask if any of you would like to be a beta reader. I’ve never had anyone other than myself, Aric, and Sheree look at my first book before I unleashed it upon the world. I think it might be helpful for a few more eyes to oogle my baby before I send her out. If you’d like to be a beta reader, please comment.

Finally, I would like to thank M.S. Fowle for working so diligently and professionally to get my cover for The God Machine ready to roll. She was a delight to work with and her creations are stellar. If you need a cover done you can visit . I will reveal the cover a little bit later, but I absolutely love it.

Happy writing!