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Good morning fellow bloggers! It has been a tremendous two weeks and I finally have a moment to breathe…so I decided to continue to work instead. Such is the life of the writer. You’ve got your home life, your personal life, and you have to cram your writing in all the little cracks of time that may or may not form in between.
So why have I not been breathing? Well, when I’m not flying on dragons with the wizards, or flying through space with my aliens, I work in the most awesome health food store. Two weeks ago I was surprised with the news that Open Circle Natural Foods would be moving. We’ve been in the same location forever so you could imagine my shock. Ive been cleaning and moving sections while my boss and her husband have been taking shelves and painting them so they will be nice for the new store. I’ve been working at a hundred miles per hour for the last week and finally, about ten minutes ago, I realized that I could stop. There was no more bulk to package, no more cleaning to do, no orders to put away, nothing. Yes, I realize there is always something to do at a grocery store, but I got finished with all the stuff that simply had to be done, so I’ve earned myself a break.
Now I get to brag… I have finally completed The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!!!! Yea!!! For all of you who are following my progress, I usually follow the title with this (probably going to change the title) . I have come up with a new title for my wizard romance novel. Officially, the new title for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is The God Machine, so I will be calling it that from now on.
My other book, The Fall, has been in editing for a while now. I expect that book will be ready for publishing at the beginning of September. I’m at the point in the editing process where I’m reading it out loud really really slow and very monotone so that I can catch all the mistakes I can. I also changed the font. I need to make it as different looking as possible so my eyes won’t gloss over something I’m used to seeing. I don’t have an editor, nor do I have the money to hire one, so I’ve got to use every trick in the book. I don’t recommend flying solo without an editor, so If you can get one if at all possible, get one. There is a very high probability you will miss typos if you do it on your own. That’s the risk I take every day. Some readers don’t mind at all and tell me how wonderful I am, others get really snippy about grammar. It’s just something you learn to deal with. Anyway, I am anticipating one or two more pass throughs of this novel before it is published, more like one. I’m excited to put this one to bed, finally.
The God Machine is currently in the type out draft. I like to write the first draft completely in notebooks. The type out draft is like the second draft. I am loving this novel, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. I am definitely going to try again with agents on this one. Somebody’s going to love it!
Last night I was so exhausted after work that I felt like I was literally going to pass out. I hadn’t edited or typed anything in days, so I whipped out my wizards and started typing anyway. I also put on a Star Trek Voyager dvd and thought I’d try typing and watching tv at the same time. It didn’t work exactly.

Here’s a humorous interlude into my brain…
typing typing typing, “What did Zolton say?…” “What did Tuvoc say?…”Could a wizard use a phase inverter?” “Isn’t that a wand?” “They sure did frack up Jatrell’s nose…”
Like I said, It wasn’t a very productive night, so I went to bed at 8:45 and was just happy to be alive.
Here’s an update on To Love a Beast if you’re interested. I sold my 50th ebook on Tuesday! Yea! I am a little bit frazzled by Amazon though. They ask what price I would like to sell my book, and I said 3.99. Okay, that’s fine and dandy. Then they sell it on Amazon for .99 cents. That’s got me scratching my head… So it’s .99 cents everyone! Come get your copy!
I also got my first fan mail this weekend. The nice lady from California said that my book was better than 50 Shades! I haven’t gotten a chance to read that book, but it’s hot right now and I am very humbled and delighted she thought so.
Time to get back to my manuscripts. Have a great week everyone.

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  1. * M.S. Fowle says:

    Best of luck on the editing! And congrats on the fan mail! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago

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