Wow, What a Month!

Hello, my blog writing and reading friends. What a fantastically insane the month of may way (and the beginning of June…ahem). Although I probably wrote about ten pages this whole month, It has been rather exciting, but not exactly in a good way.
The first week in May, I was plagued with constant migraines that continued into the second week. My doctor informed me that I actually had a major sinus infection and prescribed me some nice antibiotics that I took for two weeks…and they didn’t work. Actually, the fun sinus infection grew into a monstrous BEAST, and not the loveable kind like in my book To Love a Beast still available on Smashwords (has not made an appearance anywhere else though I am still on the premium list).
The sinus infection monster then proceeded to push upon all the nerves going to my teeth causing massive pain all throughout the left side of my head making me want to find the nearest Louisville Slugger and bash my own head in. So I went back to another doc and got better antibiotics, but by that time the pain was so terrible that the Loratab the doc proscribed was not taking care of the pain and I finally had to retire to my bed for four days.
Then I went to see my dentist for the second time, and God love um’. He said after all that I’ve been through that I need a root canal! He said that it would take care of all that pain and I would be glad I did it…and it will cost a thousand dollars…which I do not have. So he proceeded to write me another script for Loratab…that really doesn’t help much, and I await my appointment with the root canal dentist on Monday. That made me want to go find the nearest ice skate so I could tie it to the Louisville Slugger and bash my own head in from the pain.
On the writing front…So I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately, but I have done a lot of thinking about writing and my writing career. I have decided that I will be putting a whole butt lode of my short stories on Smashwords for free. It won’t make me any extra money, but it will hopefully at least get me seen by some people. I only have one short story out right now and that is Kamikaze Frog which some of you may have already seen. It’s only 3 pages long and the cover sucks, but some people don’t buy stories for the cover. Please go to Smashwords and click on it. It’s free and it’ll make me feel good and I need to feel good because I be sick! More short stories will follow. If you want to skip going through all the nasty stuff on the site, you can just type my name in the search engine at the top right hand side of the screen and type in my name Teri Harvey (Some nerd did not program the site for middle names which made me want to give them the middle finger, but I love Smashwords so I refrained).
I am still on track to release another novel by the end of this month. This novel is called The Fall. It is not, however, the sequel to To Love a Beast. I Intend for that one to be released early next year, though I am working on it on and off as I continue to edit The Fall.
The Fall is a mainstream contemporary romance…I think… It takes place in the present (I’m embarrassed to say I am not familiar with all of the different types of romance. Will tell you when I find out.).
It is about a girl who falls off a cruise ship off the coast of Belize and is rescued by a handsome but reclusive young man who lives alone on one of those gorgeous tropical Belize islands. After rescuing her, he falls madly in love with her and traps her on the island with him.
I wrote most of this story on napkins while I worked at Walt Disney World in 2007. I let it stew for a couple year before I picked it up again. I realized, after reading my old stuff, that I had come a looooong way with my characterization skills since 2007, so I decided to do a complete character overhaul of this novel…cause the way it was, my characters were flatter than the cardboard model of Captain Kirk in my best friend Sheree’s fairy room.
Now, my characters are big personalities, full of emotion and motivation and juicy back stories. I’m very excited about this one. I will definitely let you guys know when it hits Smashwords.

As for Blogger awards… Yes, I know I have been negligent, but I’ve been sick and there were just so many of them with so many things I had to since I got them. I haven’t been able to keep up! So if you sent me an award, I want to extend my most heartfelt thanks and all my gratitude. You will hear more from me on this at a later date.
Have fun blogging everyone!

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  1. Hope you will be better soon. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your writing world. I can’t wait to read The Fall. Sounds like my kind of story! Take care!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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