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The Naked Duchess

I’ve been working feverishly on my next novel To Love One’s Husband (Battle Royal) The sequel to To Love a Beast available on Smashwords etc.. A little snag called a week full of migraines has temporarily slowed my progress and hindered my blog. My mind is finally beginning to clear, so I thought I’d share a scene I’ve been working on. I hope you enjoy.

The Naked Duchess
By Teri Butterfly Harvey
Maddie relaxed in the warmth and comfort of her giant copper tub. It was exactly the thing she needed after a long morning of taunting her husband, and Charles, she’d discovered, was much too easy. Denying him his baser needs was quite possibly the cruelest thing she could do to him, especially after he’d so adamantly admitted his desire for offspring. Of course, he’d been much crueler to her in the past.
“EEP!” she heard Gabby squeak from the other side of the room divider. Maddie sat up as she heard the door to her closets slam shut.
“Charles…” she grumbled. Of course it was him, and of course he waited until she was wet and vulnerable to come take his revenge, to come take her. He’d become so predictable lately. Even with guests in the house, Charles was determined to get exactly what he wanted. Even with guests in the house he would not be shy about making her scream. He knew her voice echoing through the massive townhouse and into the guests ears would embarrass her more than she could bear, and he would take pleasure in it.
Maddie sat up bracing herself for whatever onslaught he’d prepared for her. It had been four days after all, and she supposed four days was enough to make him suffer. She wasn’t that cruel, and his relief would also be hers. She lay back in her tub disappointed when Gabby slipped back passed the dressing screen.
“Damn, I thought you were my husband,” Maddie said evenly.
Gabby said nothing as she stared back at her mistress. When Maddie’s eyes lifted back to her lady’s maid Gabby’s face was ashen with shock.
“What ever is the matter?” Maddie asked worried.
“They’re gone!” Gabby shrieked. “Every stitch is gone, just gone!”
“What is gone?” Maddie asked.
“Your clothing! All your morning dresses, riding habits, chemises, evening gowns, they’re all gone!”
Maddie gasped and sat up. “What about the dress I wore this morning?”
“I sent it down for mending. The only things left in the closet are your hats.”
“Of course he left the hats…” Maddie sighed cursing him under her breath. Charles knew her extreme dislike for hats, and he never failed to tease her about it. She angrily hit the top of the water with her fist splashing it onto the floor. Then she crossed her arms.
She’d remembered his words from the night before. She’d never seen him so enraged, but she stood her ground.
He said, “Madison, if you do not make an appearance in your bedchamber this very eve, I will burn every stitch of clothing you have and force you to walk around naked and cold until you give me what I want.”
Her response, “Just you try it!”
Maddie, of course, slept once again in one of the guest suites, supposedly to be near her dear friend the Viscountess Candace. That was the story for propriety sake anyway. She hardly even knew Candace who was only here because she followed the Viscount and made the excuse that she’s wanted to see Maddie. Now they were even. Truly, she’d vacated the duchess’s suite for the soul reason of rousing her husband’s wrath, but it seemed her rousing may have worked too well. Charles had done nothing short of making good on his word.
Maddie stood quickly letting all the water flow off her. Gabby hurried to her with the towel wrapping her up in it.
“At least he didn’t get this!” Maddie said running across the room to her closets. She had to see it for herself. Gabby ran behind her trailing her mistress. Maddie flung the door open and stared at the empty space. Of course, she never doubted that Gabby was telling the truth.
Maddie’s heart pounded and her whole body turned red with anger. She was so angry that she could hardly breathe.
“Oh, I told you you should not tease his grace this way. He was vexed something awful last night,” Gabby piped frustrated. “Now what are we going to do? How are you going to entertain your guests with no dress?”
Maddie sighed, and then she smiled. Her smile only grew wider after the closed the closet door behind her. “Gabby, my dear, you are genius.”
“Oh, dear lord, I know that look in your eyes. What have I done?”
“Charles took all of my clothing. That’s just fine,” Maddie said slowly calming as her mind formulated a plan. “Perhaps the old Maddie would stay hidden in this room pouting until Charles returns for his prize, but not this Maddie. I am a duchess now, and as duchess, I believe much more is expected of me. Wouldn’t you say?”
“What are you going to do?” Gabby breathes fearfully.
“I am not just going to sit up here while he entertains our guests laughing at what a cake he’s made out of me. No, I’ll make him eat his words. Then we’ll see just who the cake is.”
“You don’t mean what I think you mean…”
Maddie whipped the towel off her naked body and left it in a heap at her feet. All Gabby could do was gasp and stand back.
“Oh yes, I do. I am going for a walk!”

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  1. * Satis says:

    Hmm…awfully curious to see where this leads!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
    • * bflyzone says:

      Me too, I haven’t written it yet! My head still hurts. Maybe there will be a resolution when I get rid of these migraines. Thanks for the comment!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Kate Patrick says:

    You must get better quickly, so you can complete this story!!! A friend of mine who gets migraines from time to time does this and it helps, though it sounds crazy: She gets in a tub of water as hot as she can stand it and soaks a bit, then gets out and puts socks on her feet and climbs into bed!!! She swears it works for her. I am a fan of Maddie and Charles now, so I must see this to the end! Can’t wait, and I do hope you are better soon!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
    • * bflyzone says:

      I’m going to head to minor emergency tomorrow for my shot! Then I’ll be fine for the next five months. You may think I’m crazy, but sometimes these long bouts of migraines helps me with my writing. I don’t get to write for an agonizing week, but my characters are still there tap dancing before my eyes. I can’t write because I physically can’t form sentences, but I can still see them there, moving through their story. I read backwards when I have a migraine so reading someone elses work is out of the question. So it’s all my characters all the time with no way to get them out. When I’m finally better, I’ll have a writing explosion! That means high page counts for multiple days. My head may be killing me right now, but tomorrow after my shot, I’ll be off to the races! I can’t wait!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  3. * M.S. Fowle says:

    lol – go Maddie! Can’t wait for more!
    I hope you feel better, hun. 😉

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  4. Very amusing story so far. I enjoyed it. I hope your headache gets better. And I agree about being forced not to write, when you get back to it, the words just flow!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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