Oh Notebook, Where Art Thou? Part 4

Finally, I come to the last group of notebooks, the ones I am currently using. I really love these babies, and I drive 50 miles to the nearest Barnes and Noble to buy them when I’m out of paper. These beauties are big. They are heavy, but in a good way. They do not fall closed easily. They are solid and thick. I practically refuse to write in anything else. Here they are.
Here’s a quick rundown of what I have here…The two brown and pink ones at the end contain “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” The tan one with the wave on it and the little Jesus book contains “The Claiming” my book about the aliens. The blue and brown one contains “To Love one’s Husband,” the second half of To Love a Beast.
That concludes my notebook fetish, so now I’ll tell you a little bit about my process.
I write the first draft in the notebook. I type out the second draft and edit it at the same time. 3rd draft-10,000th draft, I do just like anyone else on a computer. Most of my days are simply writing days with my notebook, but I usually dedicate one or two days a week for typing out pages. It helps out especially when I’m not feeling really creative, but still want to work on something.
I’ve heard people say that if you work on more than one project at a time, that you’ll never get anything done. To that I say, who cares? I’ve got several thousand characters trying to claw their way out of my brain and on the the page. I enjoy every moment of writing them down. I gets done when I gets done. I’m not itching to be rich or anything. I just want to be able to write whatever I want whenever I want and have a kick ass time doing it. Now that’s what makes a writer! Now, go fill up a notebook!

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  1. * JKBradley says:

    I’ve got three going right now, one which has maybe 20 stories crammed into 4 page bursts waiting to be exhumed and shocked to life when the time is right. Whatever system you use, just use it, then share the story with us.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago
  2. * Kate Patrick says:

    My first stories were in hard cover ledgers that had been tossed. I reclaimed them as mine. They have been missing for years. Would give anything to have them now. Now I just write directly on the computer and save to jump drives. Have HP Cloud as a bsck up, but haven’t figured it out yet, as I am technologically challenged! You inspire me. Maybe I will get a brand new notebook for the next book. I love to write when I find the perfect black ink pen! You are my hero!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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