Oh Notebook, Where Art Thou? Part 3

When I got into college, I had a little bit more money for notebooks, so my notebook buying became a bit more interesting, but I’m going to get a little off topic here. I did happen to write one whole book without a notebook, and that book was called Edward.
I would now like to recount the very last time I ever attended a critique group. A very good writer and all around nice guy suggested that since a sparkly vampire, who was very popular at the time, was also named Edward, I shouldn’t use that name. Not like I named him before I even heard of Twilight or anything, buuuuuuut that set me off royally.
“Okay, so no one can never name their character, Edward again. Burn um at the stake if they do, and God help anyone who had named their character that before. Perhaps they can change their name to Edmund, or Eduardo. Oh, and we can’t have anyone named Jacob either, or Bella, and I really wanted to name my next heroine Renesme. OH, THE BROKEN DREAMS!” I was mad, and I admit I may have gone a little overboard, but I didn’t go back….
Okay, I was supposed to be talking about notebooks, wasn’t I? The silver notebook is my favorite of all my notebooks. My mom works for a bag company who does lots of business with China and that’s where this little gem came from. I call it my WTF notebook. On the front is this weird saying that is kind of true, but you wouldn’t want to go spreading it around. It says, love is what enables us to bridge the gap of disappointment when others do not live up to the expectations we have of them. Uh…thanks notebook. Just what I needed to hear. Ironically, this is the notebook I used for my first all nighter, and the notebook I wrote the first few chapters of To Love a Beast in, which took place during that all nighter. The rest of To Love a Beast was written in those lovely Tiffany stained glass journals. Yes, I graduated to journals! I bought two, and if I ever see another I’ll buy it on the spot!
The Fall was written on napkins and computer. I was working for Disney World. I couldn’t afford a notebook.

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