Oh Notebook, Where Art Thou? Part 2

When I finished with my first whole notebook, I was on a veritable writing tare, but my first novel was far from being finished. Shame on me for thinking that I could get it done in just one. Then I found the deal of a lifetime. 10 for a buck! And these were kick ass notebooks too…unperforated, plastic cover, big fat lines. I bout died when the Wal-Mart stopped carrying them. Here they are. Yes I saved them too…
Yes, I saved all 13 of them all well written in front to back…same book by the way, and after that I was still not finished. In fact, here is what my collection looked like before I called it done Oh yea, that’s all of them. And that’s how I spent my high school years, slaving over notebooks for a book that will never ever see the light of day. Who wants to read a poorly written YA romance about an asper-girl who is afraid of the world, and the stubborn fool who is in love with her? Plus, did I mention that it was 600 pages typed out and they were not, I repeat, not double spaced. Good Grief!

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