What Happened?

What do you do when you get a discouraging note from a literary agent? You ignore it and keep writing. That’s what you do.
Ignoring bad advice is hard. It just makes you mad and ruins your day.
Okay, so I let the email ruin my Saturday. Even after all my writing prep, walking with Aric, letting him motivate me. Then the balloon deflated on me when I got that blasted email. I ended up eating a whole box of cookies and sleeping the rest of the day.
But the next day my muse came back. Aric told me that the lady didn’t have all the information. That query letter didn’t matter because 1) I misunderstood the directions on what to submit so its not an accurate critique and 2) my full book is on Smashwords and selling fine so who needs a query letter anyway?
It was still depressing, but I saw that my very logical friend was correct. I shouldn’t let one person’s opinion(without all the info) ruin my work. So I started writing, and writing, and writing.
Writing when you’re angry can be a very liberating experience, and then after a few days your word count can really skyrocket. Aric also helped my by zapping me with his positive energy, but that’s neither here nor there.
I guess my point with this post is, don’t let the things people say hinder your work if at all possible. The person may not know what they are talking about, but you know your story inside and out. Take the information that was given and turn it into something positive…and get your butt back to work!

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