…And you get back up again and POWER THROUGH!

Finally had a day free and clear of migraines and that was just enough to finish the final edit of To Love a Beast. Yea!

I did pull my manuscript under the 100,000 word mark. My official word count after I added back one of my favorite deleted scenes is 99,200 words, and that’s as good as its going to get. I’ve worked and I’ve toiled on this for so long and it is finally ready.

I’ve been sending query letters for this book literally for years, so I am going to give up on the agented route. I’ve decided to publish my book through Smashwords. Most of the books I read are published by them and I was very impressed by their website, so lordy lordy, I’m gonna do it.

Publishing a book through Smashwords is relatively easy. First, you have to write a book (your own original writing). Then you have to go through their formatting guide which is roughly 90 pages long….lots of pictures though, so don’t let the page numbers frighten you. After formatting, you need a cover image and description of your book. Then you’re off to the races!

A went through the whole formatting book in about 4 hours yesterday, and my book looks pretty spiffy. I was shocked by how easy it was to do. If you know Microsoft Word it’s nothing. Basically all I had to do was look at the example of good formatting on Smashwords and copy that. I actually did that before I went through the formatting book and after that, moving through the formatting book was more like a check list than a construction project. All I need now is a cover image.

My next project… It’s time to edit my next completed book called, “The Fall.” I wrote this story on napkins while I was working in Disney World on the College program. One thing you can say about Disney…they got some thick napkins! I also wrote that story when I was in love with my boss at Disney World. He was nuts! and I was nutser for drooling over him. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how the edit goes, and I’ll put out a link to my first book as soon as I have it published.

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