Time to set down and work hard!

Yea, no views as of yet in the Bflyzone, but that’s just as well. I’ll keep writing anyway because that’s how I roll. If all else fails, I’ll just pretend I’m writing to Aric or something.
First, I would like to proudly announce that my book’s word count is officially under 100,000 words. Yea again. I’ve got another quarter of the book to shrink down, so I think I may hit my goal of 80,000 words! (or between 80 and 90 thousand).
What a process this has been! I’ve been reviewing the advice I’ve gotten about books in the last few years and I just now realized that a bunch of it is crap. Sure it’s better to over write than under write, but that also means you have to prepare for many hours of destruction. (That’s what I call editing. Writing is building and editing is destroying.)
The last few months have been all about destroying for me. My book started at 150,000 words! Holy crap! I was told it needed to be around 80,000. I have learned a lot from this experience though.
First, a lot of little touches may have to go. I know its fun to be crazy nuts, but if it doesn’t move the story along and you need word count…cry and say goodbye.
The most important thing I learned of all of this is you don’t have to blast away perfectly good scenes when you can fight redundancy, get rid of adjectives, and over used words instead. Of course there are some scenes that can easily get the ax. Those are fine just to get rid of, but there are some that can be saved.
Cutting scenes is like ripping an arm off. IT HURTS! This is my first book so I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to. That’s the price one must pay when one is learning.
How many arms have I ripped off? Several, but there are three and possibly a fourth that I am hoping I can sew back on to my manuscript after its been properly shaved down to size. I’ll just have to hope all goes well in the editing room.

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